Who we are

Created by an idea of Heron Group and based in Modena, Italy, Heron Fluid Power is a trusted
Hydraulic company with a rich history of entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. We are committed to create innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s energy needs and the most demanding customers at the same time.

The Heron WAY

The Heron WAY is a collective term that refers to our Corporate Philosophy, Our Promises, and Action Guidelines. We have set these Guidelines by examining the uniqueness of the Heron Group, born by our people, from their efforts and wisdom in developing the Group.
Thanks to our strong commitment to quality we also improve every year by incorporating new values implemented by Group members, who are able to bring a level of expertise and experience invaluable to the longevity and growth of the group.

The Heron Group will provide quality, comfort and a sense of security in daily works.

Our Vision

Continue the heritage of our Company and be a premier Italian manufacturer of top quality products. We want to improve and innovate our manufacturing techniques by continuously and safely providing high quality, value-added products, services, and solutions.

Our Mission

Supply and continuously develop products of the highest quality at a competitive price. We will always strive to please our customer with utmost integrity, and to their complete satisfaction offering innovative technologies and our experience in the hydraulic field.

Our Values


Customer Commitment

Value close communications with our customers worldwide

Team Work

Value each individual’s spirit of challenge and innovation


Continue to expand our business in different sectors and locations in the world



Continue to reinforce our sense of ethics and highly transparent business activities

Eco Friendly

Value the environment and promote new clean technologies for our green future.


Provide top quality products and services, delivering premium values to our customers.

Respect for people

We value our people, encourage their development and reward their performances

Personal accountability

We are personally accountable for delivering our commitment

Action Guidelines

The Action Guidelines clarify Heron’s values, unique strengths and strong commitment to
manufacturing & engineering, all of which each employee is expected to embrace, cultivate and transmit to future generations.

Action Guidelines for Top Management

Based on these guidelines, top executives will manage the Heron Group by focusing on four important points to ensure its sustainable growth as a global group:
● Communicate the Present Situation and Future Vision of the Company (Organization) to customers.
● Encourage Active Discussions and Align All Members to a Common Direction.
● Ensure Success.
● Increase the added value, Corporate Value, and the Heron brand reputation


Action Guidelines for All Group Members

As a common set of principles applying to all employees in the performance of their duties and decision-making, these guidelines clearly indicate the appropriate directions of individual actions and decisions and clarify important corporate values and unique strengths.
● Build Trust: Work diligently and expeditiously
● Provide Value: Think ahead from customer's perspectives
● Take on Challenges: Enhance our skills
● Develop Human Resources: Employees are essential assets
● Foster Teamwork
● Realize our Dreams: Pursue higher reliability and quality
● Make Daily Improvement: Step forward for future growth
● Ensure Transparency: Be open, fair and honest
● Hold a High Work Ethic: Make an individual conscientious effort
● Respect the Global Environment: Do not waste
● Interact with Local Communities and Cultures: Engage in local activities

How we work


At Heron Fluid Power, we speak the language of our customers. What is our message?

Greater efficiency, high performance and added value.


With a strong global presence and engineering
expertise backed by some of the most trusted brands in the industry, we offer our customers great  operational efficency.

We closely follow the development, commissioning and after-sales of all the components we manufacture and sell. 


Using hydraulics and advanced transmission technologies together with electronics integration, we develop customized solutions for every application of specialized mobile, industrial and marine systems.


Thanks to our technological expertise, we enable our customers to improve operational efficiency, minimize risk and protect what we believe to be critical: people, culture and the environment.

What sets us apart

Heron Fluid Power is a leading global manufacturer and purchaser of hydraulic and transmission solutions for mobile, industrial and marine applications. With a strong global presence and technological expertise, we enable our customers to improve operational efficiency, minimize risk and protect what we believe to be critical: people, culture and the environment.

We manufacture and market hydraulic solutions and transmissions for mobile, industrial and
marine applications. With a strong global presence and engineering expertise backed by some of the most trusted brands in the industry, we offer our customers great operational efficiency. We closely follow the development, commissioning and after-sales of all the components we
manufacture and sell.

At Heron Fluid Power, we speak the language of our customers. What is our message? Greater
efficiency, high performance and added value.

Using hydraulics and advanced transmission technologies together with electronics integration, we develop customized solutions for every application of specialized mobile, industrial and marine systems. It is thanks to this engineering approach that our customers can rely on the efficiency and productivity of the machine we offer.